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Maryland Records Lowest Voter Turnout Mark in At Least Three Decades



A lesson learned about voter turnout numbers from this election: Don’t believe the hype from early voting.

Morning Issues Slow Baltimore Voters’ Roll at Some Polling Places


Maryland Voting

Long lines and malfunctions hindered the the kickoff to Election Day at several of Baltimore’s polling stations.

“Can I Take a Selfie at the Polls Today?” And Other Election Day Questions

Courtesy Maryland Board of Elections
A few early voters snap a selfie, Courtesy Maryland Board of Elections

When it’s all said and done, the most important questions looming over today are about who will lead the free world and craft new laws for your city, state and country. However, Election Day isn’t always straightforward, especially if you’re stuck at work late, have children to supervise or are an overeager user of social media.

Record Turnout Continues to Climb as Early Voting Nears End in Maryland

Courtesy Baltimore City BOE
Courtesy Baltimore City BOE

Day one of early voting around Maryland was big, with around 125,000 people showing up, including just under 10,000 in Baltimore. Not much has changed in the days since, with the state raking in similar ballot tallies even a week later.

Maryland Unveils Online Voting Machines for the Blind



New voting machines equipped with Braille will allow vision-impaired Marylanders to vote without assistance this year, satisfying a federal court mandate.

Record Number of Early Voters in Maryland


Voters approve

It’s an exciting year for elections, what with the primary drama in the presidential election and the hotly contested mayoral race in Baltimore. 

“We Voted!”: Maryland Sets Early Record + How to Motivate Your Apathetic Friends

photo credit: Politico

Who was early voter #219,802 Wednesday night? Come on, don’t be shy, sir or ma’am. Okay, you’re right, we may never know our hero’s name, but he or she marked an important, enthusiastic moment in state voting history, officially cranking early vote turnout ahead of the impressive state numbers from 2010’s (inaugural) early gubernatorial election phase, according to new data from the State Board of Elections. And the nation’s following admirable advance-voting suit.