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Extra Help for Baltimore’s Brightest Students


Smart kids in Baltimore just got a boost, thanks to the combined efforts of Johns Hopkins’ Center for Talented Youth, Baltimore City Public Schools, and the Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust.

Some bright kids grow up in families with an abundance of financial and social resources. Others don’t, and one big block is not knowing what opportunities there are. That’s the niche that Compass, a round-up of educational resources for high-achieving students in Baltimore City, hopes to fill.

As Andres Alonso, CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools, puts it, “The most successful students have entire communities backing them, and it’s hard to think of a bigger community partner in this state than Johns Hopkins. The support they’re providing our kids is invaluable.”

The publication — available here — includes lists of local public and independent schools, as well as mentoring programs, summer opportunities, online learning programs, college application help, and extracurricular activities from chess to movie-making. It also includes helpful information about school choice, admissions lotteries, and what to do if you’re a non-city resident trying to get admitted to a city school.

So if you know a high achiever — or if you are one! — check it out. Maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t already know.