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Edward Snowden, Other Famous Folks to Speak at Hopkins



Every year, the Foreign Affairs Symposium at Johns Hopkins brings an exciting group of speakers to campus for a series of free lectures open to the public. This year, the group of invitees is particularly exciting — particularly since at least one of them can’t even step foot in the United States.

This Maryland Codebreaker Blew the Whistle on the NSA a Decade Before Snowden



A decade before Edward Snowden blew the whistle on NSA surveillance techniques, another Maryland man attempted to alert Congress about the agency’s alleged illegal spying on United States citizens.

Mathematician and codebreaker William Binney, of Severn, began working for the NSA in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. He helped develop a new system for scanning large quantities of data (from cellphone conversations and emails) and zeroing in on what’s important. 

NSA Whistleblower’s Girlfriend a MICA Grad



“[S]ometimes life doesn’t afford proper goodbyes.” That was one of the thoughts Lindsay Mills shared on her blog after her boyfriend Edward Snowden exposed the potentially (kinda definitely) illegal surveillance of Americans by the NSA and fled their home for Hong Kong where he waits to see what will happen to him.

The 28-year-old Mills’s relationship with Snowden (to whom she refers on her blog as her “man of mystery”) brings the monumental whistleblowing story even closer to home for Baltimoreans. A dancer, Mills is a graduate of MICA and the two lived just south of the city for a while.

The NSA Whistleblower Outs Himself; Probably Won’t Be Coming Home to Maryland Anytime Soon



Edward Snowden was living comfortably in Hawaii when he made a decision that would change his life — and possibly also the way Americans feel about our intelligence organizations. When Snowden released NSA documents indicating that government data collection on U.S. citizens was far vaster than most people suspected, he knew he’d have to leave his home and family behind, possibly forever. He also became an immediate figure of fascination. Despite Snowden’s protests that the story isn’t about him, it’s hard not to wonder where he came from. The short answer? Just down the road!