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The Seven (Mostly Free) EmPOWER Maryland Offers You May Be Missing

Image courtesy of Western Cooling Efficiency Center UC Davis

With little fanfare and even less media splash, lawmakers passed the energy efficiency-related EmPOWER Maryland law this past session. This anti-energy-waste law will save you big cash.

Saving Cash on Your Hot BGE Summer Bill

Cutting electricity through BGE's PeakRewards and Energy Saver days offers both climate and financial benefits.
Cutting electricity through BGE’s PeakRewards and Energy Saver Days offers both climate and financial benefits.

Have you been wondering when you signed up for BGE’s Smart Energy Saver’s Program? More than 800,000 BGE customers participated in the June 21 collective effort to cut electricity via BGE’s PeakRewards and Smart Energy Saver programs. The goal of both initiatives is to reduce our area’s peak electric grid load and help avoid “brown outs,” where power is cut to many.  The energy reducing programs, which are funded through EmPOWER Maryland, are also a clever way to motivate us to finally take steps to reduce monthly energy.