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Enchanted Forest Being Clear-Cut for Bank



There aren’t many original pieces from the Enchanted Forest theme park still standing at the old Route 40 site, but what’s left will soon be the sharing space with a bank. Ellicott City Patch reported that many trees have been cut down to make way for the bank (which was originally said to be a Chevy Chase, but that’s impossible, right?).

Whatever it’s going to be, construction may last until summer.

Baltimore’s Own Decaying, Haunted Fairyland


Baltimore natives:  did you ever vacation at Enchanted Forest, the 50s-era amusement park outside Ellicott City? Once, we’re sure, it was full of enchantment and surprise and over-priced sodas; these days, though, it looks more like “Munchkinland’s skid row,” as io9 puts it. The fairy tale theme park closed in 1989, and has been in a poetic state of collapse ever since. You’re not supposed to go there, but some intrepid souls still do — and bring back the photos to prove it: