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Ben Jealous Attracting Lion’s Share of Endorsements in Democratic Primary

Photo by Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons

The Maryland Democratic primary is eight months away, but one gubernatorial candidate has taken a commanding lead of sorts in the race to challenge popular incumbent Gov. Larry Hogan in 2018.

Lacrosse’s First “Million-Dollar Man”



No one has ever made a million dollars as a lacrosse player before, but Johns Hopkins alum Paul Rabil is well on his way to netting that (and more!). Once considered a niche activity of interest only to rich prepsters in Mid-Atlantic states (43% of lacrosse players come from families earning over $100,000), lacrosse is on the verge of becoming our newest national sport. In 2012, 1.5 million people played lacrosse in the U.S. — a 37 percent jump since 2008, making it the fastest-growing team sport in the nation. Meanwhile, participation in perennial pastimes like baseball and tackle football dropped 13 and 18 percent, respectively. And savvy players like Rabil are cashing in on this new popularity.