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Downs Stationers Closes, Seeks to Return Engraving Plates

August 7, 2014 Update:  Ms. Wiegand is no longer working with these plates.  The owner of Downs has moved all the dies to his print shop in Virginia .  The new contact info is  Bob Hickey, 703-524-6600[email protected].  

Engraving plates

Downs Engravers and Stationers was a Baltimore institution at one time, the place for wedding invitations, visiting cards, monogrammed stationery, gifts and more. After decades in business, it closed its doors a few months back, another victim of changing times and new technology.

It was an old fashioned shop that used the old fashioned method of engraving to produce its most exquisite personalized paper products, and the shop kept in-house the engraving plates of its best customers for use on future orders.

Now former Downs employee Nancy Wiegand, who lives in Pennsylvania, has taken it upon herself to return the plates to the proper owners.