Downs Stationers Closes, Seeks to Return Engraving Plates

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August 7, 2014 Update:  Ms. Wiegand is no longer working with these plates.  The owner of Downs has moved all the dies to his print shop in Virginia .  The new contact info is  Bob Hickey, 703-524-6600[email protected].  

Engraving plates

Downs Engravers and Stationers was a Baltimore institution at one time, the place for wedding invitations, visiting cards, monogrammed stationery, gifts and more. After decades in business, it closed its doors a few months back, another victim of changing times and new technology.

It was an old fashioned shop that used the old fashioned method of engraving to produce its most exquisite personalized paper products, and the shop kept in-house the engraving plates of its best customers for use on future orders.

Now former Downs employee Nancy Wiegand, who lives in Pennsylvania, has taken it upon herself to return the plates to the proper owners.

“A large group of ladies gathered at the closed store (in Kenilworth mall) more than a month ago in hopes of retrieving our plates, but the electricity was not working,” writes former customer Patty Baker in an email.

She adds that she has been told by Ms. Wiegand to be at the former store in the Shops at Kenilworth on Thursday, March 20 at noon to get her plates.

If you have plates you would like retrieved, please let us know in the comments and we will have Nancy Wiegand contact you.

UPDATE:  Nancy Wiegand emailed this morning with the following message:  “I am  totally booked today with customers coming to pick up their dies. I only have two hours there. I can take names online and pull dies again next week, but I just do not have enough time today to return dies and go in the back to pull them. It is a very lengthy process, since Downs has dies there that are decades old. Thanks again for everything.”  You may email Nancy Wiegand directly ay [email protected]

FYI – She is not being paid for going to the trouble of returning the plates.

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  1. I would love to get my plates back- they will be in the names of Karen Beaudouin and David Beaudouin. Thanks so much.

  2. Hello I would like to get the plates for Scavenger’s Choice. Any plats you may have for “Maher.”
    Please let me know by email

  3. I think I still have plates there. I would be most grateful if Ms. Wiegand could check for me under the name Bailliere or Dobbin. I will try to be at Downs in Kenilworth tomorrow at noon

  4. Hi. I would love to get my plate, but I will not be in Baltimore on March 20th. Can you send it to me? I will pay for shipping. Thank you.

  5. Hi everyone,
    Please email me or leave a comment here about any dies you might have at Downs. I will not have enough time today to pull dies. But I will contact you when I have a chance to pull your dies so we can set up another time to return dies.
    Nancy, Downs Stationery

  6. Dear Nancy,

    I had ordered informal notes right around the time the shop closed. I know they were printed but I was not able to pick them up. Please check whether I may still purchase them and collect my plates and those for my mother and sister. I can be there today whenever it is convenient for you.

    Cornelia Koetter (my name)
    410-823-7960 (work number)

    Gerda Koetter (my mother)
    Bettina Koetter (my sister)

    Thank you!

  7. I would love plates for my family, including Karen King (Lilly and Theodore) and Porter Siems.(Virginia Porter and Leonard)

  8. Good Morning, Nancy,

    I would like to claim my plat. I believe it says “Blanche Laurene Blumberg” with an envelope return address of 416 South Hanover St. Baltimore Maryland 21201.

    Please let me know if you have it, and whether ( and what the charge is) for you to return it to me.

    Many thanks,

  9. Dear Nancy,
    I called this am about my plates and found no answer.I really do want them. Please let me know how to retrieve them. I am surprised that I was not notified. Thank you very much. {this comment was passed on to Nancy directly.}

  10. I have a monogram plate at Down’s which I would like to have returned to me. Monogram is kRe.

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