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The Darkness We Project


mountain-298999_640Writer Lindsay Fleming spends the summer mentally composing titles for moments of her current life–and likewise learning the value of erasing them.

The summer reading she did not get to, on bedside stand and desk, whispered the bones of an essay: A Writer’s Diary, Moments of Being, The Archetypal Symbolism of Animals, A Story Like the Wind. For that matter, it had been a summer of titles, disembodied heads, essays never executed.

Ben Carson Thinks the Devil and Darwin Were in Cahoots?

Ben Carson
Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Baltimore Fishbowl first wrote about Baltimore’s illustrious Dr. Ben Carson 2.5 years ago, in a post about his seemingly improbable dream of a White House bid. We clearly turned out to be wrong on the “seemingly improbable” part. But in that 2013 post, we did mention one fact about Carson that’s recently been getting a little more scrutiny–namely, the fact that he doesn’t believe in evolution.

Hopkins Researchers Find Ancient Horse Ancestor

Image via Elaine Kasmer
Image via Elaine Kasmer

Though they look very different today, horses and rhinos share a common ancestry.

Charles Darwin Gets His Day!



How do you celebrate Darwin Day, Baltimore? Act like monkeys? Don fake beards? You don’t mark it? Well, here’s how you might start, especially if it becomes a national holiday, which seems likely, which you can also read about after the jump!