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Eze Jackson combats holiday season stress with Dirty Christmas

Image via “The Whole Bushel” on Facebook

Versatile Baltimore MC and Real News Network reporter Eze Jackson stands in the local nonprofit news organization’s recording studio looking over some lyrics he’s penned in a spiral notebook.

As studio manager Dwayne Gladden and audio engineer Stephen Frank go over a few things in the control booth, Jackson nods his head along as he mentally reads through his lines, jotting down a few notes in the process. I’ve dropped by to chat with Jackson about his fourth annual Dirty Christmas party taking place at the Metro Gallery Dec. 29, but first he needs to hop into the booth to record a short experiment, an attempt to bring Jackson’s considerable hip-hop gifts to the kinds of news stories the Real News covers: economic inequality, climate change, political corruption.

Eze Jackson Releases Video for ‘Un-Apologetically Black’

Image still via YouTube

Book-ended by by audio clips of civil rights leader Robert F. Williams and West African Vodun symbolism, the video for rapper and Real News contributor Eze Jackson’s one-year-old song “Un-Apologetically Black” is as focused and concise as the song itself.