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Big Times at Mama’s House: The Boomerang Update

Marion's dog
No one is happier than the family dog, Beau, to have everyone under one roof again.

Watchers of this space have read of the comings and goings of my children from the maternal roost in the past few years, though a news blackout has been in effect since last summer, when my younger son Vince put the kibosh on further reports concerning his personal life. Well, who can blame the kid? Anyone can see how annoying it must be to have a memoirist for a mother.

The Mom Blog: Capturing Life’s Little Moments


Welcome to our occasional series The Mom Blog by Baltimore Fishbowl contributing photographer Lee Kriel.  Lee has been shooting Sartorial Baltimoreal, our feature on personal style, for the past two years.  Her captivating blog on mothers and motherhood can be found here, but she has agreed to let us re-publish it below for our readers. -The Eds.

meet sue mead.  a mom raising two beautiful, active girls with her lovely husband alex.  the mead family  had some challenges early on when their oldest daughter julia was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three.  avery was just turning one.  julia is now in remission and sue and her family continue to help those in need, especially by supporting families who are making the same transition they made years ago as they embarked on living with cancer.  one way is by organizing a swim-a-thon each summer to raise money for child life at johns hopkins children’s center as well as arranging meals for families who find themselves in the hospital over thanksgiving and christmas.  she gathers all the neighborhood kids and encourages them to get sponsors and swim laps in the river.  it is one of my children’s favorite events — they love to compete with the other kids and make hashtags on the dock to mark their laps.  even the adults have a time to swim (with cocktails too, of course, for those not swimming)!  she has raised thousands and not only has made a difference for johns hopkins but also for our neighborhood, where she has given us all an example of how to give back.  enjoy her story in her own words below (or as she says “off the cuff words” which is what i love about her!) and her continued journey through motherhood.