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Maybe Charles Village Businesses Will Start Accepting These New Counterfeit-Proof $100 Bills





Maybe you’ve noticed that many businesses in Charles Village refuse to accept $100 bills. (I only know this because of the signs in the windows; I personally hadn’t seen a c-note in so long I almost forgot who was on it.) A couple years ago, one or several counterfeiters went on a shopping spree in the neighborhood, and ruined it for everybody. Well, everybody with a wallet flush with Benjamins.

But maybe they’ll accept these insane new bills the Federal Reserve is rolling out today. There are so many security features, it’s ridiculous.

First off, superimposed on an inkwell is a Liberty Bell that changes from copper to green as you tilt the bill. There’s a blue ribbon (woven into the bill) upon which bells morph into 100s when you tilt it. And both the bells and the 100s move — along both axes, no less. Ben Franklin’s right shoulder (on your left) is “rough to the touch.” A thread embedded into the note reads “USA 100” and glows pink under blacklight.