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The Stars of the Wire: Where Are They Now?



The Daily Beast just compiled a “The Wire Stars:  Where Are They Now?” slideshow. (They neglect to mention the late Robert Chew, aka Prop Joe, who died earlier this year.) We here at Baltimore Fishbowl thought we’d do them one better. Below, find our end-of-school yearbook nominations for various beloved Wire faces, from Jimmy McNulty (sorry, Dominic West!) to Stringer Bell (that is, Idris Elba):

Most Likely to Save the World (or at Least a Few Neighborhoods in New Orleans): Wendell Pierce, aka Bunk, who opened a chain of grocery stores in New Orleans’ food desert neighborhoods. (Oh, and he’s also on Treme.)

Snoop From the Wire Tied Up in Real-Life Wiretap Case


In a case of life imitating art (that had previously imitated life), Felicia Pearson — best known for playing Snoop on HBO’s The Wire — pled guilty to a heroin charge, after getting caught in a joint federal-state operation that used (you guessed it) a wiretap to gather evidence.

Though Snoop (it’s her real-life nickname, too) is definitely getting the most attention of any of the 63 people charged in the wide-reaching East Baltimore drug/violence/conspiracy case after a March 10 raid, police say she played a relatively minor role. That — plus her guilty plea the day before her trial was scheduled to start — is one reason why her seven-year sentence was suspended with credit for time served. The judge also ordered three years of supervised probation.

Pearson hasn’t had an easy life — far from it, actually. According to the New York Times, “Ms. Pearson was previously convicted of second-degree murder in a slaying committed when she was 14. She served five years of an eight-year sentence and was released in 2000. She was arrested on a drug charge in 2008 when police went to her home to pick her up for refusing to cooperate as a witness in a murder trial. She was found not guilty.”

According to Pearson’s Twitter feed (BmoreSnoop), she had a meeting with BET earlier in the week; then, four days later, tweeted “I’m FREE” after her sentencing. Seems like things are looking up. We wish her the best!

Drawing by Blake Hicks