The Daily Beast just compiled a “The Wire Stars:  Where Are They Now?” slideshow. (They neglect to mention the late Robert Chew, aka Prop Joe, who died earlier this year.) We here at Baltimore Fishbowl thought we’d do them one better. Below, find our end-of-school yearbook nominations for various beloved Wire faces, from Jimmy McNulty (sorry, Dominic West!) to Stringer Bell (that is, Idris Elba):


Most Likely to Save the World (or at Least a Few Neighborhoods in New Orleans): Wendell Pierce, aka Bunk, who opened a chain of grocery stores in New Orleans’ food desert neighborhoods. (Oh, and he’s also on Treme.)

Most Likely to Be Typecast:  Michael Williams, aka Omar, has snagged roles in films and TV series set in Prohibition Era Atlantic City, contemporary community college classrooms, and dark futuristic dystopias. The one thing these roles all have in common? Williams either plays a gangster, an ex-gangster, or a cop.

Most Likely to Be a Supporting Character in a Gigantic Action Film:  Idris Elba, aka Stringer Bell. You may have seen him in big-budget films like Thor and Prometheus; if not, his starring role this summer (in Guillermo del Toro’s alien attack epic Pacific Rim) promises to be a blockbuster, too.

Most Likely to Still Be Hanging Out with McNulty: Clarke Peters, aka Lester Freamon. Peters co-starred with McNulty — sorry, I mean Dominic West — in a British theater production of Othello.


Most Likely to Get Killed Off in a Non-Wire Role:  Aidan Gillen, aka Tommy Carcetti. TV fans know Gillen as Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish on Game of Thrones, a character who’s so conniving I imagine that someone will betray (and behead) him soon enough.

Most Likely to Pay It Forward:  Felicia Pearson, aka Snoop. She’s had some legal troubles, but she’s also parlayed her own success into helping others:   In 2008, Pearson teamed up with Jamie Hector (aka Marlo Stanfield) to start a non-profit empowering inner-city Baltimore and New York youth to get involved with acting.

Most Likely to Revert to His Natural Speech:  Dominic West, aka Jimmy McNulty. Since the Wire wrapped, West has returned to his native UK, where he’s starred in a number of films, theater productions, and TV shows. Wonder if he misses the Baltimore accent?

Sohn presenting a service award to The Christopher Place Men's Community Building Teams
Sohn presenting a service award to The Christopher Place Men’s Community Building Teams

Most Likely to Be Spotted Around Town:  Sonja Sohn, aka Kima Greggs. Although she’s been plenty busy appearing on various police procedurals (Body of Proof, Burn Notice), I feel like I see Sohn around town all the time. (Well, at least three times in recent years.) That’s probably because she’s personally involved in the Baltimore-based non-profit she founded, ReWired for Change, which aims to provide at-risk youth with “life skills, violence prevention and self-esteem building program[s].”

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