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The Charles Theater, Lewis Museum to Host Early Screenings of HBO’s ‘Baltimore Rising’

Still from trailer, via YouTube/HBO

Sonja Sohn’s new documentary premieres in Baltimore tonight with the literal red carpet treatment.

Watch: The Trailer is Out for HBO’s New Documentary, ‘Baltimore Rising’

Still via YouTube/HBO

A new documentary premiering on HBO next month offers us a look in the mirror two and a half years out from the Uprising that ignited with Freddie Gray’s death.

‘Wire’ Alum Sonja Sohn Directing HBO Documentary on Freddie Gray Aftermath

Sonja Sohn as Detective Shakima “Kima” Greggs on “The Wire.”

Sonja Sohn, known to many as Detective Kima Greggs on “The Wire,” has consistently reappeared in the city long since the show ended. This year, she’ll put her deep knowledge of the city’s problems to use as the director of the HBO documentary, “For the Love of Baltimore.”

“Wire” Actress to Host JHU’s New Conversation Series About Discrimination



We can add another to the list of great speaker series hosted by Johns Hopkins. This new “art and conversation series” at the university was inspired by the death of Freddie Gray in police custody, and the subsequent rioting and unrest in the city. Consequently, the Redlining series (named after the practice of denying mortgages and other services to certain neighborhoods based on their racial demographics) will focus on “what the legacies of discrimination and segregation mean to the future of opportunity and inclusion in the city.” 

The Stars of the Wire: Where Are They Now?



The Daily Beast just compiled a “The Wire Stars:  Where Are They Now?” slideshow. (They neglect to mention the late Robert Chew, aka Prop Joe, who died earlier this year.) We here at Baltimore Fishbowl thought we’d do them one better. Below, find our end-of-school yearbook nominations for various beloved Wire faces, from Jimmy McNulty (sorry, Dominic West!) to Stringer Bell (that is, Idris Elba):

Most Likely to Save the World (or at Least a Few Neighborhoods in New Orleans): Wendell Pierce, aka Bunk, who opened a chain of grocery stores in New Orleans’ food desert neighborhoods. (Oh, and he’s also on Treme.)