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Johns Hopkins and MICA Finally Take Filmmaking Seriously



You can’t walk five blocks in Baltimore anymore without running into a film crew, from Veep to House of Cards to whatever movie is trying to approximate DC this week. The Maryland Film Fest gets more awesome every year. Matt Porterfield is famous. It’s undeniable that Baltimore’s film culture is on the rise.

For years, though, one major stumbling block has been the city’s universities’ lack of serious filmmaking programs. Although it’s had a film and media studies department since 1995, Johns Hopkins didn’t offer a strong emphasis on film production in its film and media studies major until recently; MICA never put filmmaking on the same level as sculpture, painting, or digital art. But that’s all about to change in a major way.

A Divine Documentary at SXSW


I AM DIVINE – Teaser from Jeffrey Schwarz on Vimeo.

A documentary about Baltimore’s favorite drag queen, Divine, (nee Harris Glenn Milstead) is making quite a splash at South by Southwest this week, the New York Times reports. Filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz tells The Times that the movie about the John Waters muse focuses on his “celebration of the outsider and renegade in all of us.” The movie has been a standout in a large field of documentaries at the festival about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender icons.

Divine, who died in 1988, grew up in Lutherville and went to Towson High, where he was a member of the class of 1963.  In describing his Baltimore County upbringing, Divine once said, “I was an only child in, I guess, your upper middle-class American family. I was probably your American spoiled brat.”

Read “Looking Divine at South by Southwest” at The New York Times.

Two Day Filmmaking/Storytelling Boot Camp at the Creative Alliance


Filmmaking Boot Camp

catch of the day fish (2)Lights, camera, action. Right? Take one. Take two. Cut. That’s a wrap. Thus ends our personal knowledge of filmmaking and its vocabulary. And that was normal, once upon a time. When films were shot on film and cuts were literally that—cuts in the strip of film itself—filmmaking was only for the pros. It required special equipment, training, and a whole lot of money just to afford the rolls of film and its developing. But of course, not so any longer. YouTube alone is evidence that these days everyone can put on their director hat and declare themselves a filmmaker (for better or for worse). But of course, filmmaking and storytelling are real arts, and for those who want to truly explore the medium, a teensy bit of training surely couldn’t hurt.

Cine Salon at Creative Alliance


Creative Alliance

Sometimes the most interesting films come right out of our own backyard.  I’m not talking about the multitude of shows and movies filmed here; I mean the ones written, produced and brought to life right here in Baltimore.  It’s common knowledge that Baltimore has a wealth of artistic talent, so treat yourself to  two hours this Monday night and for a mere $5, take a peek into the local film making process.

Creative Alliance has brought back Cine Salon, a collaborative film community where local filmmakers are invited to come screen their work-in-progress (max 15 minutes) for review, suggestions and discussion from the community.

Doors open at 7:00pm, workshop and screenings begin at 7:30pm, with drink specials all night!  Free for Creative Alliance members.  For more information, check out our events posting.

Creative Alliance
3134 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD

Monday October 1, 2012
Doors open at 7:00pm