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It’s OK to Be Excited About the Ravens Win, But Don’t Lose Perspective

I understand why you’re excited. It might end up that you have every right to be excited.
For many fans, the Ravens’ 20-0 season-opening win on the road against the Cincinnati Bengals Sept. 10 proved the hype surrounding the team’s defense was justified. If you were among those who bought into the idea that this unit could rival the 2000 defense for being the best in franchise history, you likely feel as vindicated as a Dashboard Confessional song at this point.

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Our most popular story this week was Ed Gunts’ coverage of a planned restoration project for Baltimore’s 92-year-old War Memorial Building at 101 N. Gay Street. Ed Gunts reported in his Urban Landscape column that the historic building is set to receive a simple makeover when the city removes the soundproofing covering the interior glass windows. Once that’s finished, natural light can flood into Memorial Hall and let its design truly shine.

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Ravens Exploited Loophole to Circumvent Salary Cap on Flacco Contract



Courtesy Citybizlist – Joe Flacco’s salary will only count as $6.8 million against the cap this season, even though he will be paid four times as much as that, Business Insider said, quoting a tweet by ESPN‘s Adam Schefter. Flacco had agreed to a new six-year contract, reportedly at an average $20.1 million per year, with the Baltimore Ravens recently.