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A New Thing to Freak Out About (Or Not): Crime Flash Mobs


Writing in the Daily Beast earlier this year, Megan McArdle sounded the alarm for a very 21st-century new fear:  criminal flash mobs. “Apparently, that’s a thing now,”she notes, after learning of a string of 7-Elevens in and around Baltimore and Montgomery Counties that had been mobbed by teenagers who stole stuff, then fled the store.

Ellen Stops By Baltimore


“Baltimore — get to @TowsonU dressed as a creative character from any book, like the Cat in the Hat. Just don’t dress up as me. Ready?” talk show host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted Wednesday afternoon; shortly thereafter — and despite the rain — around a thousand students and Ellen fans alike gathered on campus dressed as Pippi Longstocking and other literary luminaries.

DeGeneres has seized on new media to extend the reach of her show, and to help stage zany events around the country. The show’s producers have staged massive dance-offs and other flash-mob events. And while the host herself wasn’t there in the flesh, she did make an appearance via satellite. She hosted a contest, greeted her fans, and — presumably — was charming and funny.

Why Baltimore? Apparently, we’re one of the show’s biggest markets… and a producer is from here. Check out the cheering crowd of fans here.