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Who Knew? The Chesapeake Bay Flush Fee Is a Success

The goal for the Chesapeake Bay is cleaner, more clear water home to grasses.
A prettier Chesapeake Bay: Less pollution, clear water, abundant bay grasses and thriving fisheries.

As Governor Hogan said in his first State of the State address, “No state can match the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay.” We Marylanders are quite proud of our bay, yet we also know that beneath the bay’s surface, it’s a hot mess.  We’ve been talking about “saving the bay” for decades. The most recent yearly Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s State of the Bay report gave the estuary’s health index a 32/D+.

So you may be surprised to learn that the 2004 “flush fee” signed into law by then Governor Ehrlich, a Republican, has been a grand success. The good news is that we know what actions work and we can pinpoint the Chesapeake Bay’s ongoing pollution hot spots. Maybe, just maybe, with some political will, consumer education, financial investments and hard work, the Chesapeake Bay may be restored to a healthier state in the future.