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Summer Sun & Fun through Father’s Day at Village of Cross Keys


Father's Day Events

catch of the day fish (2)It’s not too often that an event comes across our desk that truly defies categorization. And so we tend to file events like this under Never-Mind-The-Details-Just-Make-Sure-You-Go. We all know that a fantastic summer is full of outdoor festivals, grilled amazingness, and casual warm-weather shopping. Father’s Day weekend means time with kids and family, and that perfectly warm weather that drives you outside for juicy burgers and brightly colored popsicles. Well, the Village of Cross Keys Summer Sun & Fun event (which starts on Thursday and runs through Father’s Day) has all of that (really, all of that) and more. Much, much more. A strolling balloonist. A barbershop quartet. Tarot card readings. Free yoga. Flag Day’s history told by storytellers in period dress. An ice cream social. Grilling tips from the experts at Whole Foods. Cupcake decorating for kids. Do we really need to go on? Probably not, but we will. Because seriously, Cross Keys was already far and away one of our top shopping hot spots; but this time, they’ve really outdone themselves.

Oh, The Rapture!


Last year I received a flyer on my windshield that warned about the end of the world coming up very soon. Since my boyfriend’s birthday is May 22 and my own is May 25, last year we both decided to ignore our credit card bills, and go for a lavish four-day weekend in New York City over our birthdays. If that was going to be the last one ever, what a great way to spend it! This year, despite a busy schedule and that same pesky credit card balance, I agreed to the same trip. It seems like a win-win. If we get taken up, we’ll be so happy. And if we’re one of the Left Behind, we’ll have some great pizza and enjoy the Mets-Yankees game. I’m sure at least 18 of those guys will be left to play. Plus it’s only be a short train or bus ride home to see our friends who will no doubt still be in Baltimore ready to party like it’s 2011 (at least for the next 153 days).