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The Name of Baltimore’s Newest Garbage-Eating Machine: Captain Trash Wheel

Mr. Trash Wheel eats his 1,000,000th pound. Courtesy of Waterfront Partnership.

Keeping in line with his predecessors, Baltimore’s newest trash wheel has assumed an honorific title with some authority.

Baltimore’s Rat-Fighting Municipal Trash Can Program Wins an Award


A little over a year ago, Baltimore City spent almost $9 million on free trash cans for residents to fend off rats and collect more garbage. Today, the city’s Department of Public Works announced that very same trash can program received a “Project of the Year” award from a regional public works association.

One Coastal California City Wants to Replicate Baltimore’s Trash Wheel Idea


Mr. Trash Wheel and Professor Trash Wheel are making waves all the way out on the West Coast thanks to their litter-gathering capabilities.

Professor Trash Wheel Arrives in Canton in Early December


Professor Trash Wheel

Mr. Trash Wheel will finally get a female companion on December 4, when Professor Trash Wheel starts spinning in Canton.

Mr. Trash Wheel Has Officially Consumed 1,000,000 Pounds of Garbage

Courtesy Waterfront Partnership
Courtesy Waterfront Partnership

Baltimore’s favorite trash-eating machine has now swallowed up more than one million pounds of the city’s waste in just two-and-a-half years in existence.