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Maryland Is the Most Gender-Equal State


gender pay gap

While U.S. women still earn substantially less than men by pretty much every metric–but things are a little bit better in Maryland than they are elsewhere, at least.

Women’s Wages in Maryland Are Doing Pretty Well, Except for This One Thing…


gender pay gap

While Maryland’s white and African American women still don’t earn as much as their male counterparts, at least the wage gap is less than it is elsewhere, according to the new State of Women in America report. That’s the good news.

Women in Maryland make $.85 for every $1 a white man makes, which is tied with Nevada and Vermont for the nation’s #1 spot. Sure, that’s not perfect — but it’s certainly better than it used to be. Things are a little tougher for African American women, who made $.70 on the dollar — but tat’s still one of the highest rates in the country. (Fun fact:  the only demographic group in which women out-earn white men is African American women in Montana. They make $1.17 for every $1 a white man makes. No clue why.) But the news isn’t all good…