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Are The Ravens Haunted?



The Baltimore Ravens are having a spookily bad season so far this year. Is it because the team is being haunted by a vengeful ghost?

Give Up the Ghost (Sightings), Get on TV


Ever seen a ghost at the University of Maryland? Or had a paranormal experience? Maybe you know of a horrifying tale of supernatural mischief? If so, the librarians want to know.

It’s not just for their own amusement. The University of Maryland is working with the SyFy channel on a new show called “School Spirits,” And no, it’s not about cheerleaders and pep rallies. The University’s archivist, Anne Turkos, has already shared all the spooky stories she could dig up; now she’s reaching out to the community to hear all about their eerie experiences. If something spooky happened to you — and it was on the University of Maryland campus — contact Turkos here. She’ll put you in touch with the producers. Who knows, you (and your ghost) might end up on TV!