Are The Ravens Haunted?

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The Baltimore Ravens are having a spookily bad season so far this year. Is it because the team is being haunted by a vengeful ghost?

The team’s training facility is “definitely” haunted, according to Melvin Cross, a member of the Ravens’ security team. People who work in the Under Armour Performance Center have taken notice of unusual movements and sounds, generally between 3 and 4 AM. Earlier this year, one of the spooky events–a door mysteriously creaking open in the middle of the night with no one around– was captured on security tape. The team’s receptionist has allegedly encountered the ghost over the phone. And on at least one occasion, a player claimed that a ghost was messing with him during practice.

Here’s a theory: The ghost of Edgar Allan Poe is angry that no one is laying cognac and roses on his grave anymore, and is punishing the team as a consequence. So maybe when we get a new Poe Toaster, the team’s fortunes will improve. A girl can hope, right?


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