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Dougherty Shoes: What’s on the inside matters


Baltimore native Colin Dougherty launched his new summer shoe collection by blowing up a propane tank surrounded by old loafers. 

Maledetti Toscani Italian Leather Goods Pop-up Shop at Green Spring Station This Holiday!



Welcome Maledetti Toscani! This Italian leather goods pop-up shop opened at the Station on November 26th and will be open through the holidays!  You won’t want to miss this stunning collection of the world’s finest leather, with a wide selection of gifts for men.

Cufflinks Made from Super Bowl Footballs Have a Special Pedigree for Ravens Fans



Charming cufflinks are one of the small ways a man can add some personal flair to a classic suit. They can add a bit of humor, a little sparkle, or simply display a monogram or crest. They’re small, but significant, which is why they make great gifts. And yet, there are gifts, and then there are gifts. That is to say, there are cufflinks that can make a man’s look unique, and then there are cufflinks that truly are unique themselves. In fact, each pair holds a little piece of Baltimore (and football) history. Literally. There are only around 40 sets in existence, and that’s because they’re made from an actual football used when the Ravens beat the 49ers to win the 2013 Super Bowl. Yes, that’s right. The brilliant folks at Tokens & Icons (a line that Sprezzatura has smartly been carrying for a while now) managed to get their hands on just one of the balls used in that amazing game, and have turned it into perhaps the coolest, most enviable men’s accessory ever.


Sprezzatura is always our go-to spot for totally unique and really classy gifts and accessories. And we’ve long coveted their other sports-memorabilia accessories–baseball cufflinks (made with balls used in Orioles games), bottle openers made from golf irons and more. But if you were anywhere within 100 miles of Baltimore in 2013, you know that there have been few moments that rocked this city quite as much as that Super Bowl win.

Each pair of cufflinks is set in sterling silver with swivel findings.  And each one features the scuffs and scratches of a ball played in one of the most memorable sporting events in our lifetimes.  Each one is back hallmarked “XLVII Ravens.” And in case there was any doubt in your mind about the authenticity of the ball, each cufflink comes with a tamper-evident hologram sticker adhered it and officially licensed by the National Football League itself. And each pair comes gift boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity as well that you can carry around to help silence the oh-so-jealous skeptics.

Tokens & Icons’ cufflinks made from this special Super Bowl football are available at Sprezzatura. Sprezzatura is located  in Stevenson Village,  10429 Stevenson Road in Stevenson. For more information, please call (410 415 5311) or email at [email protected].