Welcome Maledetti Toscani! This Italian leather goods pop-up shop opened at the Station on November 26th and will be open through the holidays!  You won’t want to miss this stunning collection of the world’s finest leather, with a wide selection of gifts for men.  If you’re not familiar with the Maledetti Toscani brand, you should be…here’s their commitment to customers:

  • Honesty, no matter what the cost, is first and foremost.
  • Handmade in Italy, by local craftsmen and artisans, will never be replaced by machines and
    children working in ungodly conditions in factories.
  • Producing in Italy, while more expensive, provides the customer with a piece of art, an article made with love, care and at least 168 years of rich tradition.
  • Competition is a blessing and promotes the best in people and companies.
  • Never — ever — produce outside of Italy even though it is economically more feasible.
  • Quality, honesty and being kind to people are the real keys to success.
  • Provide a lifetime guarantee on the products because our valued customer has to know that we are a company entrenched in tradition, with values, with mores, and these will never change.
  • Be accessible to our customer, treat them with respect and dignity and always — always — always — provide the truth regardless of cost.

Visit them next to Panache in Green Spring Station.

Green Spring Station

10803 Falls Road  Lutherville, Maryland 21093

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