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True Vine is relocating to Station North

Photo by Brandon Weigel.

True Vine Record Shop is moving to a N. Charles Street space in Station North following the last day of business at its Hampden location.

True Vine sets up GoFundMe for relocation

Photo by Brandon Weigel

Amidst a rent dispute, the True Vine Record Shop has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for relocation costs and a rent deposit on a new space.

True Vine owner says he is being forced out by Golden West

Photo by Brandon Weigel

The True Vine Record Shop, a Hampden-based record store that has been recognized as one of the nation’s best for its eclectic offerings and shelf space for experimental genres, says it is being forced out of its Hickory Avenue storefront by an unlikely foe: the Golden West Cafe, a funky Tex-Mex restaurant around the corner, on W. 36th Street.

Event Pick: Charm City Meadworks hosts Harry Potter trivia

Emma Watson (left), Rupert Grint (center) and Daniel Radcliffe in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” Image via IMDB.

Get your house in order, put on your sorting hat and head over to Golden West to test your knowledge of all things related to witchcraft, wizardry and muggles.

Local Eateries Band Together for City’s First-Ever Vegan Restaurant Week

A plate of French toast from Golden West Cafe. Photo by Balance Photography.

Naijha Wright-Brown, owner of Mount Vernon-based vegan soul food spot The Land of Kush, enjoys getting out of her own kitchen to dine at other restaurants around the city. However, she’s grown tired of servers offering her a salad as her only option or, worse, being urged to head around the corner for something suiting her dietary restrictions.

Baltimore’s Best Beatz & Bloodys at the Belvedere – Get Tickets Today!


Pop quiz: What’s better than a bloody mary with brunch? Answer: Knowing that it’s the best bloody mary in Baltimore. And even better than that?

March 26: Baltimore’s Best Beatz & Bloodys at the Belvedere


Pop quiz: What’s better than a bloody mary with brunch? Answer: Knowing that it’s the best bloody mary in Baltimore. And even better than that?

Atomic Books presents: KILL YR ’90S NIGHT!


Kill Yr 90s Night

catch of the day fish (2)Okay, try to follow our logic on this one. Over a decade ago, Atomic Books started and ran an annual night of music dedicated to reminding us that no matter what our nostalgic impulses said, the music of the 1980s was not really all that great (we beg to differ, but whatever). The event was called “I Hate the ’80s Night!” and featured, ironically, a line-up of local bands playing hits from the 1980s (no doubt proving how great that music really was—but again, whatever) . Well, after five years of hating on the 1980s, the good people of Atomic Books retired the night. After all, as they put it: “it’d be weird to spend a decade hating a decade.” Right. Haters gonna hate—but only for half the decade. Well, here we are, a whole millennium later, and the folks at Atomic Books have decided it’s time to remind us that our now well-worn nostalgia for the 1990’s is also misplaced. So what do we get? Kill Yr 90s Night!