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Poll: Most Marylanders back legal weed, $15 minimum wage, Medicare for all, but also approve of Hogan


Most Marylanders are all for the policies championed by Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous, but also say taxes are too high and approve of Larry Hogan’s job so far as governor, according to the latest Goucher Poll.

Poll: Hogan has edge on Democratic challengers; also, one in three Marylanders are Orioles fans

Gov. Larry Hogan at a Baltimore Coca-Cola bottling plant in March 2018. Photo byJoe Andrucyk, via Flickr.

Gov. Larry Hogan’s high marks aren’t slipping as he approaches a chance for re-election November, though at least one in five voters remains undecided when asked to choose between him and a given Democratic challenger, the latest Goucher Poll finds.

Hogan maintains comfortable approval mark in new poll, though re-election odds less clear

Still via Gov. Larry Hogan/Facebook

Gov. Larry Hogan is sitting pretty in terms of voter approval, though a gap exists between that mark of his job performance and the share of voters who are prepared to elect him to a second term, according to the newest Goucher Poll.

Hogan Still in Good Shape with 62 Percent Approval Rating, Poll Finds

Photo by Joe Andrucyk, via Wikimedia Commons

The newest Goucher Poll reaffirms what we’ve learned from surveys over the last 12 months: Gov. Larry Hogan is sitting pretty in terms of public approval.

Black and White Marylanders Disagree on What Racial Inequality Looks Like, New Poll Shows

Photo by Elvert Barnes, via Wikimedia Commons

Most Maryland voters, black or white, agree that race relations are in decline, according to the newest Goucher Poll for fall 2017. But when it comes to the details of how that manifests, there’s an apparent divide along racial lines.

Surprise: Most Marylanders Disapprove of Trump’s First Month in Office, Poll Finds

Official portrait of President Donald Trump, via the White House

President Donald Trump isn’t making many inroads with residents of mostly blue Maryland after his first month in office, according to the most recent Goucher Poll.