Poll: Most Marylanders back legal weed, $15 minimum wage, Medicare for all, but also approve of Hogan

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Most Marylanders are all for the policies championed by Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous, but also say taxes are too high and approve of Larry Hogan’s job so far as governor, according to the latest Goucher Poll.

Seventy-one percent of adults surveyed last week said they support upping the minimum wage to $15 an hour—an increase from 66 percent in February—and 62 percent support legalizing marijuana for recreational use, both key points of Jealous’ platform. Fifty-four percent hold a favorable view of Medicare for all, another staple plan of Jealous’ campaign.

Jealous said this month at an event in Hampden that he wants to make all of these ideas happen while also cutting the state’s sales tax by a quarter of a percent (though he did concede raising the sales tax is a “hypothetical possibility” that could be considered two years out to pay for the Medicare-for-all plan).

Marylanders like that tax cut idea, the data suggest. Fifty-six percent said they believe the amount they pay in state taxes is too high, compared to 41 percent who say the levy is “about right.”

Despite Marylanders’ apparent alignment with several ideas in Jealous’ platform, the poll doesn’t suggest any mounting discontent with his Republican incumbent challenger. Hogan logged a familiarly high 64 percent approval mark in the latest Goucher Poll. And while Maryland adults really don’t like the top GOP officeholder, President Donald Trump, 45 percent said they think Hogan has distanced himself appropriately from Trump.

Forty-eight percent said they see Hogan as a moderate, 27 percent view him as a conservative. Ten percent think he’s progressive, a label far more commonly ascribed to Jealous in this race.

The poll surveyed 831 Maryland adults from Sept. 11-16, with a 3.4 percent margin of error.

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