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NBC’s Hairspray Live! Is Re-Broadcasting the Day After Christmas

Photo by Trae Patton/NBC

NBC has decided the world needs another chance to watch the broadcast of its live musical rendition of John Waters’ “Hairspray” right after Christmas.

Smithsonian Provides Look at History Behind Hairspray


nbc-backlot-hairspray-liveThe build-up to Hairspray Live! is almost over. In just a few hours, NBC will say “Good Morning Baltimore” for its production. But those final hours can pass slowly, so reading up on the real history might help.

4 Baltimore Watch Parties for Hairspray Live!


hairspraycatch of the day fish (2)Tracy Turnblad will be back on the screen on Wednesday night, as NBC gives a John Waters classic the live musical treatment. Hairspray Live! will turn the nation’s eyes to a Hollywood set modeled after 1960s Baltimore. Here in the real Baltimore, we’ll be watching, together. Here are a few spots hosting watch parties: