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The Great Head Hunt: Calvert, Gilman, St. Paul’s Schools Seek New Leaders



It would be hard to think of a job that requires a broader skill set then that of private school headmaster. The wisdom of Abe Lincoln, the vision of Steve Jobs, the diplomatic skills of Hillary Clinton and the moral fiber of Nelson Mandela would be nice for starters. On top of that, a deep love of children and the ability to gracefully strong-arm parents and alumni to ever- increasing heights of giving. Advanced IT capabilities a must.

This year, for reasons most likely due to perceptions of a recovering economy, four of Baltimore’s leading private schools are seeking to replace their current headmasters. St.Paul’s and Gilman heads Tom Reid and John Schmick respectively, are retiring. Calvert head Andy Martire is moving on to the Kincaid School in Houston, Texas. St. Paul’s School for Girls former head Monica Gillespie announced her departure in June of 2011 and Lila Lohr has completed her year as interim head. Into the breach will step four educational leaders who may or may not be familiar with their new schools, or with the greater Baltimore community. What will they be like? Inquiring minds want to know.