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Oddly Warm Weather Set to Break Records Today and Tomorrow

The beating sun over Hampden
The beating sun over Hampden

If you’ve stepped outside in the last couple of days, you noticed it’s been strangely warm for this time of year. You’re not alone if you think it’s an anomaly. Forecasters say the mid-October mini heat wave could be record-breaking for Baltimore.

Baltimore Temperatures Drop From 100’s


Big news everyone: we can all stop praying to the sun gods for forgiveness. After 11 straight days of 100-degree temperatures it looks like the heat is finally settling down to the comparatively cool 90’s. It’s about time, too – I was almost running out of red heifers and sackcloth.

This temperature drop comes with news of the 13th Marylander dying from our recent heat wave. I’m not always one for numerology but hey, lucky number thirteen anybody?

I guess the 90’s aren’t usually what you’d think of as “gentle” but they’ll sure feel good after the last week and a half. I noticed the streets began to do that thing where they rippled when you see down them too far in the distance, the way things usually only look on the other side of a fire.



The Mad Naked Summer Night


University of Baltimore Asst. Prof. and Bohemian Rhapsody Columnist Marion Winik ponders “the half-life of a snow cone” and other heated, heat-related topics.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s night? Thou art more lovely and more temperate, but I’m afraid that’s not saying much. These nights are thick and heavy as black velour, hot and formfitting against our bodies, over our faces. A humid landscape through which we plod like testy zombies, arms outstretched, eyes blank, returning slowly and inexorably to our air-conditioned tombs. We have sacrificed our last calorie of energy on the altar of daytime. We have burned the skin off our thighs getting into the car. We have permanent ruts between our eyes from the weight of our sunglasses. Exhausted drag queens in melted makeup, we have worked our last nerve.

Motorcycles thunder, jet planes roar, a distant procession of sirens woo-woo for hours, as if people for blocks around us are dropping like flies. The cicadas drone the same annoying phrase over and over, a garage band of four-year-olds with sitars. Then the monotony is cracked: shattered glass, a shot, a bomb, a firecracker, maybe just a boom car throbbing down the street. Toward midnight, the fabric of the sky is torn by heat lightning; even the atmosphere cannot take it anymore.

Wow! What a Storm!


On Friday afternoon, everyone was bracing for the forecasted heat wave, but no one anticipated the hurricane-like thunderstorm that hit late that night. Most households in Baltimore were out of power for over 24 hours on the hottest weekend of the year, leaving residents to find a way to maintain their cool (literally and figuratively). As of this morning, may outages persist.

Here are some pictures from around Cedarcroft/Roland Park/Woodbrook.  Please send us your pics at [email protected] and we’ll post them, and please share your survivor tales in the comments.

Watch this space for more photos as we make our way around town…

Brightside Road in Woodbrook.
Roland Avenue, Roland Park.

Top 10 Reasons: I Don


Dictionary definition of muggy: excessively warm, humid and uncomfortable–sticky, steamy. Baltimore’s definition: Characterized by air like mud, sweltering temps, and a slow, grumpy, sweaty, half-dressed, downright slob-like populace.

Sure, it’s hot and humid as all get out, but we Baltimore Fishbowl writers got together this weekend and agreed, no matter how thick the damn air, people, wear clothes in public and brush your frizzy hair. And, by the way, just because we’re in a difficult slug-like mood, don’t spray us with the freaking garden hose! Unless we ask you to. Wait, while we’re at it, here’s a thing or two more…

“I don’t care how hot it is, hands off my ice cream.” –Mikita Brottman

“I don’t care how muggy it is, you can’t come to the dinner table with no shirt on. (This was an actual exchange at my house, I’m sorry to say.)” –Cynthia McIntyre

“I don’t care how muggy it is, see photo above–this is never a good look.” –Krista Smith

“I don’t care how hot it is, overcompensating by setting your air conditioner to 60º requires me to remember to bring a coat when I come in your store, and for that matter it’s wasteful.” –Sara Lynn Michener

“I don’t care how hot it is, don’t wear your bathing suit cover-up to the market.”       –Susan Dunn

“I don’t care how sticky it is, don’t skimp on the personal hygiene (i.e., bathe less than daily) just because you’re going to be shvitzing again in five minutes.” –Betsy Boyd

“I don’t care how hot it is, no one wants to see you write ‘I heart you’ in sunscreen on your boyfriend’s back.” –Kristin Hughes

“This one goes out to the 17 year-olds I’m working with this summer:  I don’t care how hot it is, STOP INCLUDING ME IN YOUR WATER FIGHTS!” –Rachel Monroe

“I don’t care how hot it is, the bed of your pickup is not a kiddie pool.” –Marta Randall

“I don’t care how hot (or muggy) it is, to me it’s better than frickin’ freezing. I mean look at the tomatoes.” –Marion Winik

What’s your advice for the hot and bothered?