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What’s the Buzz: Beehives Burgeoning in Baltimore Backyards



Courtesy of Bmore Media – Charm City has long been known for its towering constructions of wacky hair, but now we’ve got a new buzz.

Beehives – the kind filled with honey – are popping up in backyards.

“It’s embarrassing how trendy I’m being,” beginner beekeeper Sarah Smette says.

Smette’s face lights up as she talks about her nascent hobby. Apparently, bee stings aren’t the only dangers of keeping bees. The Arcadia resident is obsessed, and she’ll be the first to tell you.

“I Google. I’m always reading. I’m buying bee gear. I’ve got a dozen blogs bookmarked. I listen to bee podcasts.”

For Smette, it started on an impulse. A three-week class on keeping bees at the Park School of Baltimore allowed her to hit the ground running. Midway through the class, she’d ordered her bee package, a shoe-box-sized starter hive from Georgia. By the third week, the swarm arrived ready to move into their new home. The hive looks like a displaced file cabinet squatting amongst her azaleas.

For the thrill — and the environment 

Smette is not alone in her passion.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture has registered 1,751 beekeepers, with roughly under 12,000 colonies in 1,800 locations.  According to state apiarist Jerry Fischer, Baltimore alone was home to about 29 registered beekeepers keeping more than 100 colonies in 45 locations as of February.


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