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Can’t Imagine Leaving Your Home? Consider Aging in Place.



If you can’t ever imagine leaving your home, you may want to consider aging in place. This trend has become popular with the aging population because it offers more cost efficiency and allows you to remain in your home.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Even With A Caregiver


Elderly Care Expert Lisa Vogel Gives Tips on How to Carefully Let Go A Caregiver

It happens all the time. The relationship just isn’t working out.  Whether it’s your cleaning lady, pet walker or handyman, there comes a time when the decision is made to amicably part ways.

But how do you end a relationship with the caregiver who has been helping your older loved one for quite some time?  Things may have proceeded smoothly for years, but suddenly there are lapses in care and more frequent absences. Or maybe the caretaking needs of your loved one have escalated and require a stronger, more skilled professional. Still, you recognize the time the current caretaker has invested with your loved one, and you want to handle the situation as professionally and compassionately as possible.

Getting Older Relatives Ready for the Holidays


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so they say.  The weeks ahead are full of seemingly endless “to-do” lists full of holiday shopping, baking, decorating and entertaining obligations.  While the holiday season brings joy to many, it also brings its share of stress, especially for elderly relatives and friends and those who care for them.  To ensure your older loved ones and friends don’t get lost in the holiday frenzy this year, keep them active and involved.

Celebrate the past. During the holiday season, the loss of family members and friends often comes to the forefront. Explore ways to honor those who are no longer with us during the holidays, and shift attention from loss to a celebration of lives well lived. Light candles, plant a tree or make a donation in honor of loved ones.


Step up involvement. Find relatively simple tasks older family members can assist with – from opening and organizing holiday cards to sitting at the kitchen table reading recipes as others prepare a meal.

Break the distance barrier. For seniors who live far from their families, the holidays can be particularly lonely as they watch other friends spend time with their nearby families.  Even from a distance, you can schedule enjoyable and fun activities, such as sending tickets for local performances or a gift card for  a restaurant meal with friends, to give your older family members something to look forward to.

Do what makes you happy.  For caregivers and older adults alike, do what makes you happy – reading, cooking, exercising—during the holidays.  Daily and weekly routines can be a source of comfort during the holiday season.