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Buying Into Baltimore



catch of the day fish (2)We love this city. So many of us do. This last week has been difficult to say the least, and all eyes are on Baltimore as folks around the country see our city streets in the paper and on the television. But we all know there’s so much about this place that those watching the news from far away can’t possibly see. There are many reasons Baltimoreans are proud (and grateful) to call this place home. Some of us were brought up here. Some transplanted for work or love or school. For some, it’s the amazing arts scene, or the history and architecture. Or the great diversity of neighborhoods and the sense of tight-knit community that a small city creates. As we dust off, clean up, and move forward from the past week, many of us are considering what it means to call this place home. Many of us are committing– or recommitting– to investing in Baltimore. So it’s pretty timely that Live Baltimore is hosting one of their periodic Buying Into Baltimore events on May 9th.

MICA Presents Solidarity 2: Home is Not a Commodity


Edo's Home- Sodere Park Ethiopia by Dominic T. Moulden

catch of the day fish (2)Few things are more central to being human than the concept of home. For as long as there have been people, we’ve been finding, making, building homes wherever we find ourselves. Homes look and feel different around the world, but they’re always a place of nurturing, growth and comfort. They’re where we find ourselves and spend time with the loved ones we value. And yet, so many of these places that bring us an internal sense of stability are precarious. It’s this concern that’s at the center of Solidarity 2: Home is Not a Commodity, the new photographic exhibit opening at MICA on February 6th.

Buy or Refinance with Direct Mortgage Loans


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Move Closer to your Dream Home with Buying Into Baltimore



catch of the day fish (2)For most, owning one’s own home remains an essential part of the American Dream. And luckily, we live in a town where that can be relatively achievable. The city is full of gorgeous architecture, charming neighborhoods, and a huge variety of homes, from super chic condos to historic Victorian mansions. And since we love it here, we know that buying a home here is always a good idea. It’s not just a wise financial investment — home prices in Baltimore have remained quite stable throughout the last several years, rather than crashing like in so many parts of the country — it’s also a way to really invest in your city and your community, and to really put down roots. That’s why Live Baltimore offers the twice yearly Buying Into Baltimore event — to make it even easier and more appealing to do just that. The fall event is September 27, so we’re giving you plenty of time to save the date.

Historic Reservoir Hill Garden & Home Tour


Reservoir Hill Garden Tour

catch of the day fish (2)Baltimore truly is the Charm City—and never is that more apparent than when our gardens and trees are in full bloom, and the early summer sun dapples the city just so, accenting the remarkable architecture that’s around almost every corner. Thankfully, this is also the season when many of our most beautiful historic neighborhoods make themselves available through walking home and garden tours—with residents eager to show off their blocks in all their blooming glory. This year marks the 20th annual home and garden tour in historic Reservoir Hill, and it takes place June 7th and 8th. Save those dates.