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Despite Homeschooling’s Growing Popularity and Strong Academic Outcomes, Author Not Sold on It

credit: crosswalk.com
credit: crosswalk.com

Do your homework. When are you planning to do your homework? Have you done your homework? All of it? These questions, as annoying to me as they are to my kids, flow regularly from my mouth like an involuntary tic.

When I actually get pulled into the homework, things can really deteriorate. I know where the commas belong, but I can’t remember to save my life the fancy names of the phrases that go between these punctuation marks. And now that my kids have moved on from the math basics of dividing and multiplying, I’m of zero help in that department. As for history, I never could keep straight all those different dates, events, and key players.

Even if I did know every academic subject inside and out, I don’t think I’d want to spend hours each day being the sole person responsible for imparting this knowledge to my children. I think I’d go batty in the process. Plus, I believe that being exposed to multiple teachers and classmates gives my kids a far richer educational experience than I ever could. But an increasing number of parents think otherwise.