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University Administrators Opt Not to Close Hopkins’ Humanities Center


Johns Hopkins University

In a major win for students and faculty at Johns Hopkins University’s Humanities Center, school administrators have decided not to shutter their department at the end of the spring semester.

Students, Faculty Fighting Threat of Closure for Hopkins’ Humanities Center



With the 50-year-old Humanities Center at The Johns Hopkins University potential facing a forced a closure at the end of this academic year, grad students and others are speaking out and criticizing the administration.

New Major at Hopkins for Humanities-Loving Pre-Meds



Anton Chekhov was a doctor; so was poet William Carlos Williams. These days, though, things are more difficult if you’re a poetry-loving pre med. With all the science and math requirements, many students feel as though they have to choose either the humanities or medicine. But now, thankfully, Johns Hopkins is changing that or into an and.

Things Johns Hopkins is Good at, Other Than Medicine

Johns Hopkins's education school, the 2nd best in the nation.
Johns Hopkins’s education school, the 2nd best in the nation.

All that impressive doctoring and researching that takes place over at Johns Hopkins can sometimes overwhelm the other things you might learn about at the university. For example:  education. Did you know that the Johns Hopkins University School of Education has the second-best graduate education program in the entire nation, according to US News & World Report? (Vanderbilt is number one.)