Things Johns Hopkins is Good at, Other Than Medicine

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Johns Hopkins's education school, the 2nd best in the nation.
Johns Hopkins’s education school, the 2nd best in the nation.

All that impressive doctoring and researching that takes place over at Johns Hopkins can sometimes overwhelm the other things you might learn about at the university. For example:  education. Did you know that the Johns Hopkins University School of Education has the second-best graduate education program in the entire nation, according to US News & World Report? (Vanderbilt is number one.)

There are obvious reasons the school gets the most attention for its medical programs.  Hopkins has the best nursing and public health programs in the nation, and the third-best research program for a medical school. Several of the medical school’s specialty areas rank in the top-10 nationwide, including AIDS (no. 2), geriatrics (no. 2), pediatrics (no. 4), women’s health (no. 4) and behavioral neuroscience (no. 7).

But the school also has extremely high ranking programs in political theory (no. 5), literary criticism and theory (no. 6), and U.S. colonial history (no. 6). That’s not to mention the dozens of other programs that are ranked high, but not in the top ten. As a person with a humanities degree from the nation’s preeminent medical university, it’s nice to see Johns Hopkins non-medical academic programs finally get a little attention.

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