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Senate Committee Moves Fracking Ban Proposal to a Full Vote

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A measure that would permanently ban fracking across Maryland has moved one step closer to fruition by escaping, thanks to a Senate committee.

During Big Week for Fracking Battle, Poll Shows Marylanders Are Divided About a Ban

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As legislators prepare to meet in Annapolis today for hearings on two fracking-related measures, a new poll shows one in four Maryland voters are still unsure about a proposed fracking ban.

Baltimore County State Senator Introduces Fracking Ban in Annapolis

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State Sen. Bobby Zirkin today kicked off a widely anticipated legislative battle in the Maryland General Assembly over the issue of fracking.

Maryland: Another Study Suggests Fracking May Be Bad for You


fracking in Maryland

Maryland officials are currently taking public comment on a University of Maryland study on the likely effects of fracking in the state. The report includes “52 recommendations for assessing and offsetting potential impacts.” They’re preparing to make a final decision on the practice in consultation with an O’Malley-appointed advisory panel — sometime in the next few months.

Meanwhile, Yale researchers have determined — from a survey of 180 households living off well water in southwestern Pennsylvania — that people who live closer to natural gas wells are more likely to report certain upper respiratory ailments and skin conditions. The correlation holds up even when results were adjusted for “gender, age, educational level, smoking, and awareness of environmental risk factors.”

House Considers 18-Month Moratorium on Fracking



While Gov. Martin O’Malley has proposed a $1.5 million study into the effects of fracking in Maryland, and Del. Shane Robinson has called for an all-out ban on the process, Del. Heather Mizeur introduced a bill Thursday that would put a more optimistic 18-month moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the state. The point is to provide time to digest the results of the study, without pressure from bit-champing gas companies. 

Isn’t It Safer to Just Say No to Fracking in Maryland?



Concerns persist over the shale gas extraction method known as fracking, even as drilling operations set their sights on Western Maryland — where they’ve already leased 160,000 acres for just that purpose.