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Baltimore’s Patrick McMinn: Pawn Shop Guitars, Robot Pianos, and the “Ultimate Democratization of Music”


Patrick McMinn moved to Baltimore from Austin in 2010 to study music composition at the Peabody Institute. But an early performance at a Baltimore house venue may have been just as edifying. “Just a week or two after I moved to Baltimore, I was invited to play a solo show in this space on the West side of town, America. I ended up playing there a few times before I started school, and it very much changed my perception of Academia,” Patrick recalls. “I played with kids there with cobbled-together, home-built synths who were making the most amazing, exciting music. In sound and timbre, it wasn’t too far removed from what the electronic composers at Peabody were making, but there is such a sharp divide between the academic circle and the experimental musicians outside of it. There’s not much dialogue at all. I’d love to try to change that.”