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Fashion In-Store: Top 7 Things For Spring in Baltimore



A few phone calls by our intrepid reporter reveals an eclectic mix of Spring 2012  Must Buys at Baltimore’s local fashion boutiques. There’s lots of talk about a “return to glamour,” about hour-glass figures (or at least the illusion of them), about pastels and neon brights and floral prints. So here, inspired by the New York runways and tailored to what the Baltimore market will bear, are seven top picks and a few pics:

Double Dutch Boutique

Leslie Jennings, Co-owner

“Dresses with a ‘fit and flair’ silhouette.”  Mad Man inspired? “Maybe, but after years of baby doll and slouchy looks, the waisted dress with a full skirt just looks fresh and feminine – it shows off your figure.”


South Moon Under

Taylor Schoette, Marketing Coordinator

“For us, it’s neons – in shoes, in jewelry, in swimwear, we’re all into neon brights. There were hints of it on the runway last fall, in accessories, but now it’s in the bigger statement pieces.”