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Register Today for $5,000 Incentive Towards Buying Into Baltimore Tours



Buying Into Baltimore is a Homebuying Incentive Event. It offers participants a chance to meet with real estate experts and community organizations, sit in on homebuying workshops, take a tour of Baltimore neighborhoods, preview homes for sale, AND become eligible for $5,000 in downpayment and closing cost assistance toward the purchase of a home,anywhere in Baltimore City!

City Teachers Paid Thousands of Dollars to Reduce Suspensions



Baltimore City schools have got a suspension problem — over 10,000 suspensions a year, district-wide. And that’s particularly an issue when you look at the link between out-of-school suspensions and test scores. On the 2012 Maryland School Assessments, “students who attended school regularly scored 22 percentage points higher in math and 17 percentage points higher in reading.”