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BSO Finally Finds a Decorators’ Show House, Opens June 5 – 26

'Oakhurst,' the 2015 BSO Decorator's Show House.
‘Oak Acre,’ the 2015 BSO Decorators’ Show House.
The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s Decorators’ Show House has become one of the traditional signs of spring in central Maryland, along with Opening Day at Oriole Park, and the Flower Mart.
The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s Decorators’ Show House has become one of the traditional signs of spring in central Maryland, along with Opening Day at Oriole Park, and the Flower Mart.

But on the 100th anniversary of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, it looked for a while as if there might not be a show house this spring. It would have been the first time since the annual event started 40 years ago.

“Unfortunately, to date, we have not found a property that meets our guidelines and standards and is available,” said Baltimore Symphony Associates President Sandy Feldman, in a March 17 message on Facebook.

“The search committee is still active and continues to follow every lead. Therefore, we will not have a SDSH that opens in late April and goes until mid-May as has been the tradition. If we do find the right property, we will try to make it happen this year in a different time frame.”

At the last minute, it finally happened.

Pigtown Design Turns Eight!


I started this blog eight years ago this week. I had recently moved back from the UK and was so “homesick” for there that it physically hurt. I was working for my best college friend’s family firm, and his father would yell at me: You! With the dark hair!” and then a pencil would come whizzing my way, with me instead of the dart board. I was living in my parents empty house until I found a place to live and I’d just adopted Connor, the amazing Houdini dog. (Yes, that is Connor with his snout in my boot on our mudroom floor!)

I needed something stable in my life, and something to focus on, other than everything that was swirling around me. I had found Style Court and the Peak of Chic. From there I discovered other blogs, and decided to put some structure in my day by writing a blog. I had been writing for years, but it was mostly fundraising pieces, grant applications and public relations articles. Writing every day would keep me in practice until I returned to fundraising. Writing the blog would also give me a chance to hone my photography skills.2013-01-19_16-19-15_65

Pigtown Design: Oh Darling!


One of the most gratifying and amazing things about writing this blog is the people whom I have met through it, not to mention some of the adventures I’ve had. One of those amazing things started almost a year ago, when I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger, telling me that he would be visiting Baltimore and that he’d like to get together.

So I threw a small party for him and his partner, and we all got along famously. We drank. We talked. We laughed. We ate. We drank, talked, laughed and laughed and laughed. It was a brilliant evening, just full of love and admiration. So now I am headed up his way this weekend, and the timing is quite fortuitous.

The house where I will be staying has just been published in Architectural Digest. And Boy, is it gorgeous!imageSimply incredibly gorgeous. I haunted the shops until the June issue of Architectural Digest arrived and then tore through it in the check-out line.

The Insider: Inside the BSO’s Decorator Show House


It was my first time attending the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s Decorator Show House.  This year, the event takes place at The Eck House, built by Baltimore businessman Franklin Eck, at Cromwell Valley Park. As I drove out to Towson, I really didn’t know what to expect. The literature said that the event, which runs until May 20, was in its 36th year and that 18 local designers had taken the “1972 farmhouse and transformed it into a welcoming home.” What I found was a makeover that was a little more HGTV than Architectural Digest, but charming nonetheless. There were a few moments of design brilliance and plenty of simple DIY ideas to keep me busy all summer long.

Here is the best of it.

For me, the highlight of the house was the eclectic living room done by Cashmere Interior.  The global textiles and accent pieces were right on trend. I loved that the designer took advantage of the ten foot ceilings using large scale furniture and light fixtures which gave it a California vibe.