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Pigtown Design: A Few Peeks at High Point


I still haven’t had time to edit all of my photographs, and I want to review them and then pick some overall themes. But I thought I’d share a few peeks at some things that really caught my eye.

Colour is everywhere! Greens, as dictated by Pantone earlier this year. Here in Aerin Lauder’s new collection.

Pigtown Design: Heading to High Point


The twice-yearly High Point Furniture Market is underway, and I am heading down there, so I can report to you on all of the latest trends, styles and colours that you’ll be seeing over the next six to twelve months. This is the third time I’ve been, and once again, I am sponsored by Hooker Furniture.

image_thumbHooker’s been very smart in setting up a Pinterest page, and using the ideas and suggestions from their followers to incorporate into their furniture. Last fall, they debuted the first Pinterest-driven collection. The chair above reflects two very current trends – animal prints and the emerald green, which was chosen as Pantone’s colour of the year.

Pigtown Design: The House Downtown Redone


My friend Stephanie owns a lovely shop called The House Downtown, and it’s always been one of my favourite places to check out the latest home décor trends. She’s got a marvelous eye and the shop always looks terrific to me.

Stephanie saw flaws where I didn’t, and she just wanted to freshen up the shop.So for the past seven weeks, the shop’s been closed and getting a makeover. I stopped in this afternoon to see it at about 85% complete and it looks fabulous!

Pigtown Design: Baltimore Bits and Pieces


Scattered around some of Baltimore’s older neighborhoods, there are about 200 houses designed by the architectural firm, Palmer & Lamdin. These houses are noticeable for their wonderful and sometimes quirky details. They’re loosely based on English cottages, or what everyone’s ideal of an English cottage is. When you see new faux English homes, this is what they’re trying to be.

These Palmer-Lamdin houses don’t come on the market very often – the people who live in them, love them, and never want to leave.

Several people arrived at the brokers open (two days ago) with contracts in hand!

New Store News: Charles Luck Stone Opens in Mt. Vernon

Products from Charles Luck Stone. Model not included.
Products from Charles Luck Stone. Model not included.

Mt. Vernon has been a refined neighborhood, but now it’s attracting the retail stores to complement its chic style.  Earlier this month Charles Luck Stone opened in the historic neighborhood.  The store sells good-looking stone products — think sinks, desktops, fireplace mantels — that mix the fashionable with the functional for eye-popping effect.

Pigtown Design: Seven


As I begin my seventh year of blogging, I send my heartfelt thanks to you for reading what I have to say every day. When I started Pigtown*Design, I could never have dreamt what would result from it. So many new friends across the country and around the world… Adventures and invitations I’d have never received otherwise… Opportunities presented and acted upon… Kindnesses extended…pig copy sm

Inspired Habitat: Zen and the Art of Home Decor



As we ring in the new year, most of us make a set of resolutions. To lose weight. Eat better. Live healthier. Get organized. De-stress. Finding tranquility and relaxation can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. A few simple concepts can transform any home into a haven of peace and relaxation. All it takes is a little zen.

Literally translated, zen simply means meditation. In décor terms, it means balance, harmony and relaxation. There isn’t a list of strict rules and design styles that mean “zen” though it is usually associated with a minimalist tendency, simplicity and purity of line. It’s simply a way of arranging and decorating to create an atmosphere that combats stress. Sound good?

Pigtown Design: Calendar Girl


This time of year usually involves the careful selection of a calendar to hang above my desk in the kitchen. This past year, I’ve had a gorgeous one fromCavellini & Co. in San Francisco.image

Pigtown Design: High Point Style Report


Each year, after the Market has finished and things have calmed down, the High Point Market Authority presents a report of what they’re seeing as the upcoming trends. You might recognize a few of the pieces that I highlighted in these posts.

Pigtown Design: Niermann Weeks Sample Sale


I was reading the WSJ Weekend Section before the big storm hit and happened to notice an advert for a sample sale. Not just any old sample sale, but one at the incredible Niermann Weeks, right down the road from me in Millersville, Maryland!