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Girl Scouts Speak in Cecil County, Adults Yell Racial Insults at Them



Yesterday, Chesapeake Bay Girl Scout Troop 176 attended at a public meeting in Cecil County. The girls, ages 10 to 13, briefly about animal rights issues — the county’s animal control facility has been accused of mistreating animals — saying controversial things like “I felt really bad for the animals” and holding controversial signs like “save the animals.” And then adults–grown-ups!!–started yelling racial insults at the girls.

“Relentlessly Gay” Baltimore Woman Fights Back



An Overlea woman discovered a surprising–and shockingly unneighborly–note yesterday. It accused her of making her yard “relentlessly gay” (she has a string of rainbow lights) and asked her to remember that “This is a Christian area and there are Children [sic].” If she kept up the relentless gayness, the note warned, the neighbor might be forced to call the police.