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Michael Phelps Mulling Future Dive into Tech Investing

Michael Phelps (left) at the 2017 Quickbooks Connect conference. Courtesy Michael Phelps/Facebook.
Michael Phelps (left) at the QuickBooks Connect 2017 conference. Courtesy Michael Phelps/Facebook.

The recently retired Baltimore Bullet may be jumping into Silicon Valley’s tech investment pool.

Johns Hopkins Tentatively Commits to Responsible Investing



Stanford University has committed to divesting from coal companies for environmental reasons. Columbia University doesn’t invest in tobacco or private prison companies. And now Johns Hopkins has announced that it’ll be dipping a toe into socially responsible investing, too.

Johns Hopkins Students Are Good at Investing



I spent my time in college reading great books and learning how to write. While at the time this seemed great, I am now learning that it was a mistake. What I should’ve been learning was how to invest.

Saving Baltimore One Brain at a Time: A Conversation with John Cammack, Baltimore Entrepreneur and Neuro-Optimist


From Citybizlist – Many of us have read Tracy Halvorsen’s lament on Baltimore. The post has been read by hundreds of thousands of people. It struck a nerve, or awakened some reflexive sinew we have numbed. It doesn’t really matter whether we look at Baltimore’s chronic violence as somehow not affecting our lives – whether we live in a neighborhood where the police actually show up as allies and not the enemy, or we elect to commute from a safer clime where the bad guys are easy to spot, or simply view our endemic violence as somehow exempting folks like us – the reality is that most of us rationalize, admittedly or not, that The Wire we live in is somehow inevitable and, sadly, endurable until we know someone who is hurt. For Tracy, when her neighbor Zack Sowers died, I guess she had had enough of managing her numbness. So up went her post.

Bonsal, Cangialosi Are Baltimore’s Most Popular Angel Investors


Who are Baltimore’s most popular angel investors?

Citybizlist polled our readers to find out the angels that entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs and the venture community most like.

Frank Bonsal Jr. and Greg Cangialosi topped the poll, each winning 20% of the total votes. Mike Lombardi was a close third, with 17% of the votes.

Deric Emry was fourth with 14%, John Commack was fifth with 11% votes and

Ed Chalfin and Dave Troy were joint sixth, with 7% votes each.

Here is a snapshot of the top three angel investors:

Frank Bonsal Jr.
Frank Bonsal Jr. has over 30 years of venture capital experience, starting as a general partner with Alex.Brown & Sons. In 1978, he co-founded New Enterprise Associates, which today is the nation’s largest VC firm with $8.5 billion in managed investments. He has also served as co-founder and director of Red Abbey Venture Partners, a vintage 2004 life sciences fund.

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