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Ben Carson Suspects IRS Conspiracy Behind His Audit



Dr. Ben Carson, popular/controversial Johns Hopkins pediatrician, has mentioned that he wouldn’t mind if people happened to elect him president. Perhaps because of that (and his outspoken criticisms of President Obama), he faced an IRS audit earlier this year. Or maybe it was because sometimes people with a lot of money sometimes come to the attention of the IRS. Pick your own conspiracy.

Towson Students Will Do Your Taxes for Free



The only thing worse than paying your taxes is trying to figure out how much you owe — or paying someone to figure out how much you owe. For low income taxpayers, the burden can be even greater. Without being able to shell out for expensive tax prep, low income families may miss out on hundreds of dollars of deductions. Unless, that is, they get some free help from local college students via Towson University’s tax prep program.

It’s Good to Work for UMBC — And Bad to Work for Pretty Much Any Other College



The happy way to spin this is that UMBC is the 13th best college to work for, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Which is great! But the underlying message here is that most colleges are kinda terrible places to work for, at least for temporary adjunct appointees. The low pay, lack of benefits, and general overwork of adjuncts has gotten so bad that the IRS has stepped in — and you know things are dire when the IRS suddenly seems heroic — to warn colleges that they need to figure out a better system. Because the current one doesn’t just hurt adjuncts; it hurts faculty and students, too.