Ben Carson Suspects IRS Conspiracy Behind His Audit

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Dr. Ben Carson, popular/controversial Johns Hopkins pediatrician, has mentioned that he wouldn’t mind if people happened to elect him president. Perhaps because of that (and his outspoken criticisms of President Obama), he faced an IRS audit earlier this year. Or maybe it was because sometimes people with a lot of money sometimes come to the attention of the IRS. Pick your own conspiracy.

To be honest, to me it sounds like Dr. Carson is coming to the partisan audit party a little too late. Wasn’t everyone else upset about this stuff back in June? But that doesn’t mean he’s not making a strong bid for inclusion: “When you have a government agency involved in activities that are partisan in nature, it calls into question all of their actions,” he said in a statement. “If they were auditing me in a situation where there was no question about their integrity, this would be ignored.”

Carson is currently making the FoxNews rounds, trying to stir up interest in his audit. Unfortunately, the government shutdown means that no one from the IRS is available to confirm or deny his allegations.

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