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Ben Carson Got Stuck in an Elevator in Miami While Touring a Public Housing Complex


In a scary and ironic twist of fate, retired Hopkins surgery great-turned-U.S. Housing Secretary Ben Carson this morning became trapped in exactly the kind of facility of which he has disapproved.

What Did Gov. Hogan Discuss Today with Trump Cabinet Members in D.C.?

Photo via Gov. Larry Hogan/Twitter

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan traveled down the beltway today to meet with members of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet.

Ben Carson Kicks Off First Day as HUD Secretary by Comparing Slaves to Immigrants

Still via HUD/Facebook Live

Our new secretary of housing and urban development had a rough first day on the job, earning ridicule from the black community, civil rights advocates and everyday people with a reasonable grasp of U.S. history for comparing modern African-Americans’ ancestors to “immigrants.”

Senate Officially Confirms Former Hopkins Neurosurgeon Ben Carson as Housing Secretary


It actually happened, folks: A retired doctor with zero public policy or management experience is now the nation’s secretary of housing and urban development.

Ben Carson Makes an Odd Promise at His Confirmation Hearing

Courtesy Fox News

If Ben Carson is confirmed as the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, his decisions could have a large effect on Baltimore, where somewhere around 27,000 families rely on HUD. Should we be worried about a strange promise he made at his Senate confirmation hearing?

2016: The Best in Baltimore and Maryland Political News


Given that 2016 was an election year, we knew we had a storm of political news coming toward Baltimore City and across Maryland. But even with our eyes on big potential changes in City Hall, the U.S. Capitol and the White House, many of us were still taken aback by the political zoo that was let loose in 2016. With that in mind, here are our picks for the top political stories of this past year.

It’s Official: Ben Carson Has a Job in Trump’s Cabinet

Courtesy @realDonaldTrump/Twitter
Courtesy @realDonaldTrump/Twitter

A little over a year ago, a real estate mogul and a retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon with zero combined years of experience in office were sitting neck-and-neck atop Republican primary polls. Today, one of those men, Donald Trump, is starting to set up shop in the Oval Office and has picked the other, Ben Carson, to lead our nation’s housing department.