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Maryland Lotto Brings Home the Bacon


The Maryland Lottery continues to bring home the bacon – for the 15th year in a row it saw an increase in sales. The Lottery brought in $1.795 billion during fiscal 2012, a seven percent rise from 2011. The state is trying to figure out how and why the lottery is doing so well, what they’re doing right so they can keep doing it.

Mega-Millions up to $640 Million!


If you have not bought a lottery ticket, now’s the time!

I bought six today for the first time in my life.  The lady at the York Road Giant who sold me the tickets was wearing her carpal tunnel wrist brace because sales yesterday for the Mega Millions tickets were so vigorous she injured herself! We all fantasize about what we would do with the money of we were to win.  Today the Pratt Library urged on Twitter, “if you win, share your love with the Pratt!”

Whatever you would do with your winnings, avoid the pitfalls of so many lottery winners.  See 14 lotto winner who blew it all.

Yesterday, the Baltimore Community Foundation tweeted, “If you won the lottery, what charitable dreams would come true for you?”

Good question. Let us know in the comments.